• Big Sur Birthday

    Big Sur Birthday

    As I am writing this post, it’s 7PM on Saturday, the kids are in bed, in their cosy little nooks of the bunkbeds, and Gerard is trying to get te baby to sleep. We are at the Big Sur Campsite, and we are surrounded by enourmous trees, Sequoia tree’s. The fire is burning, we just… Read more

  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    VOOR NEDERLANDS, SCROLL NAAR BENEDEN If you think this is going to be a blog about all the things you can do in San Francisco with kids.. or even without kids.. it’s not. There are luckily numerous of these blogs on the internet. For us, SF was a place to adjust to the time difference… Read more

  • And we’re off!

    And we’re off!

    Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden. Whoop-whoop!! Our big adventure has started!! After years of dreaming, months of preparation and weeks of packing, we left the Netherlands on the first of May. Luckily, I have the best parents, who woke up super early to take us to the airport.. and we needed them, because not everything… Read more

  • Transportation


    Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden..! Camping, hiking and travelling for 6 months with three kids age 3, 2 and newborn is kind of a challenge.. Here, in the Netherlands, we bought a Stokke Trailz pram, that apparently is no longer on the market.. anyhow, it’s a very sturdy ‘tank’ kind of pram, which we loved… Read more

  • Planning your trip

    Planning your trip

    For Dutch, scroll down! So.. where to start? My mind has been running in circles to comprehend this major trip. We plan to leave May 2023, but are still figuring out all the the paper work and stuff. That being said, I googled ‘how to plan your trip cross the USA’. Because I work best… Read more